Industrial Automation

If you have a used or out of service industrial machine whose manufacturer is not providing spares just give us a call and we have the expertise to make it work. We are textiles and steel specialists but confident enough to take on any project.

Residential electrical

We are fully licensed and insured to perform residential electrical work. Just give us a call if you need a quote. 

Normally we charge $50-$70 Per electrical point but discounts are possible depending upon volume and nature of job.

LED Upgrades

LED lighting is an ultra efficient and maintenance free system compared to conventional ballasts. It can reduce your electricity bills and eliminate the maintenance cost. There is provincial rebate on upgrade. To find out if you qualify for one please give us a call.


We can do all kinds of EMT, lighting, wiring work for your offices. Just give us call for a quote.


Its always better to do preventive maintenance rather than suffering a breakdown loss. If your line runs 24/7 then give us a call. We will disconnect and take your motors for a servicing while providing you with a spare one.